Looking ahead to 2013

We’re organizing a next round of RailsBridge workshops, for January, February and March of 2013! You can make more workshops happen!

1. If you have space to host a workshop, and they’re able to host in in the first part of the year, let us know!

Send us intros to the best person to talk for planning an event there, which may be a recruiter, an event coordinator or a facilities manager. Workshops are much smoother if we’re talking to the right person at the venue.

2. If you want to organize a workshop, either for the first time or the third time, let us know!

Workshops work best when both organizers are responsive to email and able to meet in real life before the workshop at least once. If you know times when you won’t be available, let us know up front and we’ll schedule the workshop around that. And if you have a coorganizer in mind, tell us that too!

3. If you’ve organized several workshops and are ready for the next challenge, tell us you’re ready to start mentoring organizers.

It’s especially useful for first time organizers to have a dedicated question-answer-er who is encouraging and very responsive to email. It’s also wonderful when mentors can be an extra pair of hands at the workshop itself, so if there are any dates you’re not available, let us know up front.

Look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing all the great work you’ll do in 2013!

– Rachel Myers & Lillie Chilen, SF Meta-Organizers

Looking ahead to 2013