RailsBridge has a new logo!

During the last three months, the RailsBridge board, along with Meghan Schofield, a designer based in San Francisco, worked to create a new logo for our community. It was a super fun and engaging process, and here is the result:


Why did RailsBridge need a new logo?

For a long time, the organization didn’t have a representative image that conveyed the true spirit of our community: a warm, welcoming and inclusive space open to collaboration and fun while still learning and teaching. That’s why the board made re-branding a priority.

Meghan patiently guided us through the design process. She knew how to drive the conversation and decision making through all the stages of the creative process, from initial brainstorming to tweaking the final logo.

The goal of this rebranding was to express what RailsBridge means and offers to the community: inclusivity, collaboration, responsibility, friendliness, creativity, and fun. We hope this comes across to our broader community, and we’re excited to know what you think!

This is one of the first steps towards the realization of many other projects for 2016, which we are eager to accomplish. Without any doubt, this year will be an incredibly exciting year for RailsBridge.

RailsBridge Chapter Logos

Since most RailsBridge chapters don’t have their own logos, we’re excited that Meghan designed the logo as a system. This will allow each RailsBridge chapter to use the new logo, while still identifying themselves as a specific chapter.


If you run a RailsBridge chapter and want to start using the new logo, email us at hello@railsbridge.org or let us know in the RailsBridge organizer Slack channel! (If you’re not a member yet, email hello@railsbridge.org and we’ll add you.)


Wouldn’t you love having a sticker, t-shirt, or hoodie with this new logo? We’re working on upping the RailsBridge swag game! Stay tuned — physical objects take a bit more manufacturing time than updating images and CSS, and we want to make sure you love it.

In the meantime, take a look at our redesigned website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Pretty cool, huh?

Blast from the past

To close, here’s a look at the RailsBridge logo over the years, starting all the way back in 2009. We’ve come a long way!


RailsBridge has a new logo!