How to find venues for new workshops

by Beverly Nelson

If you are starting a workshop in an area not known for tech or where workshops are not traditionally held, you might wonder how to go about securing a host for your event.

Insight from previous organizers who’ve been through this exact situation shared these helpful ideas:

Look at local meetups and see where they are hosted, connect with the organizer, find out where people work who attend, ask there for people who want to host/sponsor.

Look at companies who are hiring.

Look at co-working spaces where they have open desks, so having events will help them become more well-known (as opposed to venues that charge for space).

Consider alternate spaces — some libraries or universities like to host community events.” The closest satellite location for the state’s university or community center might be available and eager to provide opportunities for the community. Public school systems often provide space on the weekend while students are out.

If you are still struggling to find a venue, use social media. Tweet or post your request locally

Do you work at or know a company in (your local area) who would like to host a @railsbridge workshop?

One final valuable reminder from Sarah Allen:

The key thing is to build relationships. Work with a company to find a convenient time for them, consider planning an event a few months from now, if that is what works, you can always plan another one sooner if somewhere else opens up.

If you are looking for more help in getting started check out the Cookbook, reach out to the workshop google group to connect with other organizers and volunteers, or email us at

How to find venues for new workshops