Hack Session July 1st

by Sarah Mei

Join me and Sarah Allen on Wednesday, July 1st, for a hack session at Citizen Space in San Francisco.

If you haven’t been to a hack session before, make this your first! A hack session is unstructured time to work on a project or learn something new from the other attendees. Bring your laptop and a project to work on, continue the suggest-o-rama app we started at the first workshop, or find a project once you get here. Usually there are at least a few startup people hacking on something cool. Maybe you’re one of them.

We’ll probably have some impromptu presentations on whatever people seem interested in. There’s child care, and older kids with projects of their own are welcome as participants. My 4-year-old is bringing her XO and has volunteered to show anyone who asks how to play Implode.

This event is open to everyone, whether or not you attended the first workshop. Register over at the SF Ruby Meetup site. See you there!

Hack Session July 1st