Spanish Language Outreach Workshop in SF

(Spanish Translation)

This weekend, we held our first Spanish-language Outreach workshop, at the Mitch Kapor Foundation in San Francisco. Carmen Díaz Echauri (@cucurucho), Director of Spanish Language Outreach, was the driving force behind making this happen.

Carmen teaches Sandra Vilaro about Ruby on Rails, with volunteer Raul Murciano of Heroku.

Workshop materials (install instructions and curriculum) are now available in Spanish, we have a spanish language google group and the website.

The workshop followed the usual format, with an install fest on Friday evening. Sponsor supplied stickers for participants who successfully installed, as well as funding the after-party which was a great networking event for teachers, students and everyone who helped make this event happen.

With great support of the local SF Ruby community, we were able to pair participants with experienced Rails engineers in a full day of coding on Saturday.

If you have a group of Spanish speakers who would like to learn web application development, we would like to work with you! Please join the mailing list and tell us about your group.

Special thanks to Ulili Onovakpuri of Kapor Capital and the Level Playing Field Institute and Freada Kapor Klein for helping with planning, logistics and inspiration, as well as providing food and beautiful space for the event.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the event on Friday and Saturday, and the folks who helped work through the curriculum in Spanish in advance of the event. Carmen held two advance meetings where native Spanish speakers helped technical volunteers who were less fluent to review the technical Spanish needed for effectively teaching at this event. I’d like to thank the following volunteers personally who gave up much of their weekend to make this happen:

  • Carmen Díaz Echauri
  • Ulili Onovakpuri
  • Francisco Viramontes
  • Rodrigo Vanegas
  • Nicholas Fowler
  • Thuon Chen
  • Raul Murciano
  • Mariana Hernandez
  • Juan Esparza
  • Nick Chaffee
  • Mary Jenn
  • Kai Middleton
  • Garance Poppy Burke

and thanks to our sponsors:

Spanish Language Outreach Workshop in SF