There are no RailsBridge Employees

RailsBridge is 100% volunteer-based. It’s really fun! But sometimes we end up with a big backlog of to-do items. Can you help with any of these things?

(Almost all of these things can be started by joining the RailsBridge Google group and introducing yourself! We’ll get you in touch with the right person from there. Alternately, comment on this blog post!)

Coding things:

* We have a Tracker backlog of lots of things that would make the RailsBridge web presence better: Some of them are easy, some are harder, any would be a huge help.

Communication things:

* We could use better materials for a quick intro to organizing. The cookbook is great for all the details, but a less threatening introduction would be great.
* I made a Git/Hub one page pull request guide that I would love help expanding: Suggestions? Send ’em my way (
* Blogging. We need bloggers. Can you blog about something (or anything even tangentially) related to RailsBridge?
* It would be fantastic to have a topic/skills roadmap for the RoR ecosystem (and the Railsbridge curricula in particular). Ping the mailing list if you’re interested in working on that!

Curriculum things:

* There are JavaScript, Git, and iOS curricula in the works. Want to help with those, or write a new one? Join the workshop Google group and introduce yourself!
* We’re going to attempt to merge the Boston RailsBridge repo with the main RailsBridge repo. If you’d like to help with that, ping the Google group.
* We need to rename our various curricula, because “Intro Rails” and “Intermediate Rails” gets really confusing when you have class levels that include the word Intermediate.

And my favorite: Bridge Troll! Our fun open source event management software project is chugging along, and we could use help with coding, documentation, bug testing, and UX!

There are no RailsBridge Employees