Five RailsBridge Workshops for November 2012!

by Mary F. Jenn

We’re kicking off November here in San Francisco with a workshop starting this evening, November 2 at Github, followed by an Intermediate Level workshop on November 16 and 17.

RailsBridge Boston is holding their second workshop in 3 months on November 9! It looks like this event is full, but look forward to more workshops in this vibrant and enthusiastic community. As always, if you’re in the Boston area and would like to volunteer or sponsor, your support is welcome. Congratulations Boston!

The Denver/Boulder Rails community is holding their second workshop Since October! Go Denver! Register as an attendee or volunteer here!

Up in Canada, a fledgling RailsBridge community is launching their first workshop the weekend of November 30! If you’re interested in volunteering or attending, please sign up here. Go Victoria, BC!

Are you in Atlanta the weekend of November 16 & 17? Be sure to check out #BlackGirlsHack! They’re holding their first hackathon as a fundraiser for BlackGirlsCode that weekend and are seeking more signups! Sign up here>> ! Could you sponsor? Please support these groups that teach girls of all colors how to program!

For more event details, please check the calendar.

Five RailsBridge Workshops for November 2012!